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Aofex, registered and operated in London, United Kingdom, is a digital currency exchange and trading platform with Non-Standardized Option. The ecosystem has over 100,000 users.
Majority of AOFEX members previously worked in the finance industry for over 10 years. Team members respectively worked as an Associate Director at Goldman Sachs, the senior posts of Assistant Vice President in the Global Markets Valuation Division of J.P. Morgan, held senior positions in Deutsche Bank, London, Mizuho International Bank, London and etc. Possessing abundant experience in risk control management and mastering world-class top bank risk prevention system, AOFEX is committed to making a revolutionary change in security within the industry of blockchain.
By bringing in the most advanced risk control system from traditional banks, Aofex is dedicated to building a safer digital asset exchange and trading environment. By creating non-standardized Option, Aofex helps investors efficiently hedge potential risks in dramatic change of digital currency.