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Baer Seoul

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team member:
Beethoven: Founder of the team, JAVA software engineer, skilled in using Web client technologies such as Jsp, HTML, JavaScript, Css.
Bach: The core member of the team platform development, mainly responsible for test and repair of program development, senior software engineer, responsible for security penetration test (penetration test) and stress test.
Campaign Declaration: Blockchain is the symphony of the times
team introduction:
Hello everyone, we are the Baer Seoul team from South Korea. We are a professional APP application R&D outsourcing service team, which is mainly responsible for the customized development of a series of applications such as e-commerce system, game software and financial software. The team also provides enterprise-level code authorization and training services. Since its inception in 2016, the team has continuously optimized the framework code authorization and conducted more than 20 professional training activities. We believe that programming is art and the greatest art in this era. Therefore, we are willing to become an IT performer and play the most beautiful symphony together with the great blockchain “Baer Chain”! Remember us, Baer Seoul, the chief of the Baer Chain Orchestra!
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