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Team member info:
Steve Adela: Founder of Baer London Games, has been in game system design for ten years. In 2015, Polar Ice game development team was established.
Ricky Bark: Founder of Baer London Games, chief game graphic designer. Graduated from the University of the Arts London in Graphic Design. He has participated in the art design of the famous game "Guild Wars".
Team Profile:
In 2015, founder Steve Adela and Ricky Bark formed a game development team. Baer London is focusing on game and game engine development. The main business of the team is game art outsourcing, system design outsourcing and game debugging assistance. The team currently has more than 200 employees.
The team mainly deals with game system design and game original animation design.
In 2018, Polar Sea,the independent development blockchain game engine was created, and the blockchain independent game "Fading" was developed and conducted beta version public testing for one month . Currently, the optimized internal test is still underway.