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Super node campaign, Baer Cali is determined to win! Vote for Cali, vote for Cali World!

obtain votes: 38484800.00
Voted BRC locking details: 0x0035ea1630b16D87eaaAB207F773B85eb9C59368

Team member: Shawn
He has more than 15 years of experience in the game industry. He has participated in many game studios and is responsible for game development. He has rich experience in the game and has unique insights into the game. He has excellent experience in game operation, financial planning and human resource management.
Kris Hant: Senior expert in the game market, involved in the development of many original online games with a deep professional foundation.
Team Profile:
Cali is an independent game team founded in 2015. Cali pioneered the independent Flash game as the core competitiveness, and quickly launched a variety of social web games in agile development, which is popular in North America. After that, the team scaled up and began to develop into Android and IOS platform games. At the same time, it was able to systematically provide services such as product development, quality control and product operation promotion for customers.
The core members of the team have rich experience in game development and networking resources in the game industry. Everyone is persevering and united, with a strong sense of mission and a firm common goal. At present, the team has established the development of the Dapp game Cali World, and put all the resources and manpower into it, and strive to become the explosion game on the Baer Chain main network.
Cali believes that Baer Chain can bring a brighter future to blockchain games, and in the process, there must be Cali's participation! Super node campaign, Baer Cali is determined to win! Vote for Cali, vote for Cali World!