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Team member:
Friedrich: The co-founder of the Baer Ohio team has extensive investment experience in high-tech fields such as AI, IOT, and big data.Entering blockchain field in 2012, he was one of the first large-scale production of bitcoin miner.
Dominic: With more than 10 years of entrepreneurial experience in Internet operations and financial investment, he is fully responsible for the team projects operation and plays a leading role in a series of investment cases.
Team Profile:
Baer Ohio is actively engaged in digital asset investments and is committed to providing global business resources to leading companies and application developers in the blockchain.In the past two years, the team has invested in dozens of internationally well-known projects around the world. Relying on high-quality investment opportunities in blockchain projects, provided by investment institutions such as the United Exchange, it reduce the risk of investors' funds effectively and ensuring steady growth of wealth. Team members have rich experience in investor relations, the team and its close partners have more than 200,000 active communities in the American and Russia.