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Baer Singapore

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Gaetane: Founder of the team, has extensive experience in storage areas such as external RAID storage systems, network storage and storage management software.
Jade: Blockchain enthusiasts, early Eth investors. There are a large number of network resources in various fields such as finance, telecommunications, manufacturing, and IT.
BAER Singapore's predecessor, "Memory", was founded in Singapore in 2014. Its main business involves information storage, information search, information management, etc. It focuses on providing information storage, equipment construction and maintenance services for small and medium-sized enterprises in Southeast Asia. Now we have begun to actively participate in the blockchain, big data and other fields, benefiting from the long-term precipitation of information carrier construction and services, the team will have the advantage of being difficult to copy in the field of data processing and analysis services. Baer Chain Super Node, we are determined to win! As a super node, we are able to work with Baer Chain to help all participants in the ecosystem access the public 3.0 era in a more flexible, credible, cost-effective way with innovative products and services.