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Baer compass

Measure the length of technology with your feet.

obtain votes: 2664730.00
Voted BRC locking details: 0x62687A6992265B9f7C33CCF0Bae9f4965F157377

Core members of the team: Ryan, Logan, Nathan, Elijah, ngelina, Trinity, etc.
 Baer compass is made up by a group of engineers from Silicon Valley. We both like to share our common hobbies – running, gather together, and come up with some ideas and wisdom with emerging technologies such as blockchains. Because of this, our group which is obsessed with technology formed team Baer compass , we are looking for combine the geek thinking into the construction of the Baer Chain community, and hope to attract more Silicon Valley engineers Partner's to participate. Our aim is: "Measure the length of technology with your feet."