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Baer Russia

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Team member info:
Peter: Graduated from the University of Moscow State University, the founder of the Baer Russia Game Club, has been running the E-sports Club for three years, has a large-scale guild in a number of popular online games IP, and entered the blockchain field in 2017, partner in game eco .
Misaki Haruta: Manager of the Baer Russia Game Club, a five-year game industry working experience with rich experience in ecology expansion projects.
Collin Milton: Baer Inte's guild spokesperson, graduated from Lehigh University, engaged in the live broadcast industry for six years, anchor training specialist.
Team Profile:
In 2013, founder Peter established the guild Vastwind in the online game World of Warcraft, and then established the professional game guild Winter-Inte based on the Vastwind guild. Since 2016, we have cooperated with major PC and mobile games. Currently, there are more than 150,000 ecological matrices. In 2019,we joined Baer Chain ‘s MEP.
Its anchor representatives, including Collin Milton, Maki Kazura, and Friedrich Charlott..etc, YouTube and Livestream are the main live platforms.
Included the game platform: "World of Warcraft", "Overwatch", "Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds", "Soulbringer " and other popular online games.
Long-term cooperation with major game platforms, mainly operating platform anchor training, electric game competition team, game ecological expansion, game evaluation column, independent game development and other services.