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Baer Chain's BENSE community is with Baer Chain's journey from 0 to 1, witnessing and participating in every step of the miracle!
The members of BENSE team come from various countries and regions around the world. Because of the same faith - Baer Chain, we come together and promote Baer Chain in the name of "Baer Chain" in major cities around the world. The team develop into a community with total nearly 700,000 people from the initial 15,  a huge ecosystem!
Whether it is North America, East Asia, or Europe, community members follow the pace of CEO Vincent, witnessing the birth of the Baer Chain miracle, and BENSE firmly believe that this is just the beginning!
For Baer Chain, we are willing to do everything. With Baer Chain, we will achieve a lot! We believe in the power of Baer Chain and believe in the power of BENSE!   In the future, we will become the world's top ecological community!