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team member:
Kuri Natsuki: Founder of the team, working in the finance and gaming industry for 10 years. With rich blockchain architecture, application research and design experience, he has participated in many blockchain community activities in Tokyo.
Saru Yata: Senior Protocol Architecture Specialist. He has extensive experience in IT system architecture and is responsible for big data, artificial intelligence, and semantic networking in the team. He led the team to participate in the "Super Book Asian Hacker" and achieved excellent results.
Team Profile:
In Tokyo, which protects ancient traditions and embraces new things, we have gathered a group of financial and technology practitioners to stay at the forefront of researching the world's latest technology and focus on blockchain technology with future value. We have established a blockchain enthusiast community, and everyone works hard to explore the industrial upgrading path of the blockchain. At present, we have established a blockchain technology development team to independently develop and optimize blockchain projects. It is our pleasure to join the Super Node campaign of Baer Chain. We also hope that we can grow together with our partners ,,Baer Chain!