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Baer Traum

"Fearless for challenge!"

obtain votes: 3590080.00
Voted BRC locking details: 0x9fFfFc201Eb02d8F5e104961Cf2ADdEe03d1dB63

Core members of the team: Bauer, Ebel
We are a group of financial practitioners who are obsessed with FinTec, constantly paying attention to the progress of the heads of the blockchain industry and the hot projects, and building a unbounded collaboration Teamteam based on Telegram. In this process we have discovered a dark horse worthy of long-term investment: BRC. After long-term tracking and data analysis, the team unanimously decided to invest resources and energy into the BRC's attention and long-term holding. We fully recognize the achievements and contributions of Baer Chain in the blockchain ecosystem, so Bauer from Berlin lead us to form team and participate in the Baer Chain super node campaign.