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Team memeber info:
Samuel Warke: Master's degree from the University of Manchester, UK, founder and system architect at Aura Studios. Previously, he has been engaged in software development and management industry experience for a long time, and then led the team to participate in many international popular software development projects.
Marious Palm: Graduated from the University of Hamburg, Germany, and joined the Aura studio in Hamburg after graduation. Worked as a project manager for the Baer Aura team.
Team Profile: The Baer Germany team was originally founded in 2015 at Aura Studios in Hamburg, Germany. Aura's core technical team is mostly from the R&D department of multinational enterprise. With an open international vision, strong technical capabilities and rich practical experience, it focuses on software development and has strong architecture and core algorithm simulation design capabilities. Baer Aura has gathered many business analysts and technical developers with rich R&D experience and industry experience. It includes a large number of technician large-scale project experience、product management talents,who is familiar with the software industry's operation process, management system and quality standard.
In 2018, they officially joined the Baer Chain ecosystem and established the Baer Germany team. At present, we have established a complete technical system architecture and technical service team. Baer Germany's vision is to open up the future of technology through technological innovation.