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team member:
Justin: Founder of the team, responsible for hardware services related to blockchain technology, and has extensive experience in the technology industry, has participated in the development of a number of popular global apps.
Hugo Ivans: Team marketing and founder, has participated in the promotion of game projects with a market value of 10 million US dollars. Currently, he is mainly engaged in team operation and management, and has rich third-party development talent resources.
Team Profile:
Baer Cleveland is a programming learning community for developers and programming enthusiasts. It is dedicated to nurturing a new generation of developers. By organizing online and offline sharing sessions, sharing development experiences and experiences, sharing technology breakthrough concepts, and learning various development technologies. To promote the skills improvement of the participants and provide members with sufficient practical opportunities. Provide professional and efficient development services for service companies, and provide outsourcing services and operations and information services as third-party developers. The community leadership has more than 10 years of experience and has deep experience in programming development and education and training.
At present, the community has opened conversation salons in London and Shanghai to provide professional and direct technical explanations.