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Baer 东方资本Eastern Capital

It is bound that Eastern Capital will win the first prize in the competition of Baer chain's main node, and it has been making every effort to prosper the ecological development of the Baer Chain.

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Baer Eastern Capital:
    Eastern Capital, a dark horse in the investment world, the foresight and innovation of the founders, has led the team start with unique business thinking and strong market impetus. They has been focusing on the innovative value investments and incubations for emerging industry projects, and also they have won the “2018 Block Chain Industry Annual Outstanding Investment Institution”.
    As the largest investment institution of Baer Chain, Eastern Capital has a multi-dimensional and powerful resource, and also rich reserve of talents. Its investment projects include: shareholders of Fiji Tianlun Plaza (total investment of 10 billion) and shareholders of Panyu Zhengtai Plaza (evaluation Value of 2.443 billion), OKex Exchange Professional Investors, ZB Exchange Global Partner, Biben Blockchain Search Engine, FQI International Quantifier Master TOP, Guangzhou Sendu Blockchain Industrial Park (total investment 100 million), Sendu Data Center (90,000 BTC mining machines and ZEC mining machines).
    Eastern Capital has a strong market power, with more than 70 million fans in the community! At the same time, it has established good cooperative relations with many industry experts and media. 
Starting from the investment in Baer Chain, Eastern Capital has been promoting the ecological development of the Baer Chain from the aspects of capital, platform, media and community,  and has become the most important backup force for Baer Chain to grow rapidly.
    Eastern Capital is willing to work with more and more people who have lofty ideals to build the Baer Chain Ecology, so that blockchain technology can bring great value to the game industry and promote a  healthy development in the game industry. Bright future of the blockchain game industry is coming.