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Team member info:
Lauer Colette: Founder and CEO of Baer Frank. He has been in the financial industry, investment bank and listed companies for many years. With rich experience in financial management, asset management, investment bank and financial management, he has worked in well-known securities fund and asset management companies in the UK and has accumulated rich experience in financial risk management and control. Deeply grasp the corporate governance structure of listed companies and the construction of internal control systems.
Morris Bronte: Baer Frank Resource Manager. He has worked in a well-known Internet finance company and has been engaged in human resources for more than ten years. The investment funds for the preparatory project exceeded 200 million euros.
Team Profile:
Baer Frank, a smart private investment team, was founded in 2017. Founder Lauer Colette had managed assets more than hundreds of millions of dollars. In 2019, Baer Frank investment team was established. The team has an insight into the dynamics of smart investment technology, focusing on investment product development and operations. It has been responsible for a number of international clients and major projects, and has strong planning, development, operation and management capabilities.