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team member:
Merkel: Founder of the team, graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and has a unique research on the principles of face recognition technology.
Kohl: A core member of the team, specializing in computer vision technology in the fields of medical impact analysis and human-computer interaction. He has successfully participated in complex medical science and technology projects such as AI anti-cancer and tumor screening.
team introduction:
Baer The Storm team will use cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to solve the over-mechanization problems of current machine viewing, listening and understanding through a series of intelligent technical research such as face recognition and intelligent monitoring. The development fields involved are widely used in finance. , medical, transportation, education and many other industries, promoting the effective transmission of value information in various fields, improving the efficiency, safety and convenience of social infrastructure, founded in 2012 by Baer The Storm, who was hosted by NIST Winner of the Face Recognition Test (FRVT), the team is headquartered in Munich, Germany. The innovative products developed by the team have been widely used in energy, medical, agricultural, film and television fields. Leading the industrial revolution with its strong advantages.