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Baer LA

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Team member:
Max Bread: Founder of the team from the United States, after graduating from university, he focused on blockchain technology, and turned the online forum of blockchain enthusiasts into an offline team due to an accidental opportunity. Actively lead the team to participate in major industry summits, showing an aggressive and optimistic attitude as a practitioner.
Jane Chou: Studied at Business faculty of Seattle University, MBA. He is mainly responsible for external technology presentations in the Baer LA team, focusing on sharing and presenting industry updates for team members.
Team Profile:
Baer LA is one of the senior blockchain teams. The team members are blockchain enthusiasts who come from North America. They firmly support the blockchain technology and have professional knowledge and technical capabilities. With rich experience in the professional field and faith in the development prospects of the blockchain industry, they gather here and do their best to research and explore the blockchain technology development .