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Baer Wormhole Fund

Don't fight with people, only help people succeed!

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Registered in Singapore in 2017, Wormhole Fund has committed to focus on blockchain technology development. There are four co-founders of Wormhole Fund Dr Yan Xiang, blockchain ASIC mining chips and Cloud Foundry software development specialist; Mr Zhanshen, senior cryptocurrency analyst; Mr Jason, founder of ‘Zhongbicaijing’ and Mr Luoxixi, founder of IPFS fund.
Wormhole Fund has participated in private fundraising and distribution of main stream cryptocurrencies and global super node building, including ETH, EOS and TRON etc.
Wormhole Community has participated in the eco setup of BAER CHAIN since the beginning of 2018, as well as acted as the leading consultancy team to enable BAER CHAIN to connect to the global trading platforms.Currently Wormhole Community is actively managing more than 100,000 members and has been promoting BAER CHAIN super node in 12 countries. In future, Wormhole Fund will continuously work closely with BARE CHAIN team to develop the game vertical track and with the ambition to be the pioneer of public blockchain in games internationally!