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Baer PIONEER participated in the campaign as the founding team of Baer Chain。
Baer Chain is an online games ecological platform that is forged based on the blockchain technology, adopting distributed smart contracts. By using decentralized structure, it directly connects elements on the games ecological chain in an organic way, to realize the direct docking, lossless circulating and secure storing of individual values.
Via the underlying games publich chain that is independently researched and developed by BaerChain team, the global game developers and game players are capable of converting values created by them to owned by them, which can circulate within the game ecology in the form of BaerChain token, BRC. As the bearing of values, BRC not only circulates within the ecological system, but also pries the value ecologies outside online games, letting them participate in the values ecology cycle of Baer Chain。
Baer Chain——the pioneer of global game public chain