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Hello,we are Biben Capital from the British virgin islands.I am glad that the baerchain has finally launched the node campaign ,which means that the baerchain is about to cross the threshold of decentralized community node autonomy . We are also glad to participate in the operation and construction of baerchain ecology in July 2018,adding a brick to its ecological construction .We have experienced a lot along the way.Next ,we will continue to support it and push it onto the international stage.We welcome everyone to vote for us.Let's work together to create our own era!

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Founded in 2018,BIBEN Capital(International)Co Ltd is a professional capital institution specializing in blockchain Project investment ,digital asset investment and community ecological construction. The company's management team is composed of investment and financing experts, planning and operation experts,financial experts and other elite personnel ,with rich professional knowledge and practical experience. Through the integration of capital ,projects ,markets, talents and other resources ,the company relies on the capital market to effectively connect capital with projects, and provides strong support for the development of blockchain projects.It strives to create a win-win situation among investors ,companies and enterprises ,and actively promotes the development of global blockchain ecology and social development !