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Team member:
Charles Lee: Founder of the team, he has worked as the head of a well-known financial company. He has extensive marketing experience and has assisted the emerging video game industry to expand his business and participated in the global blockchain hackathon.
Clarence Meng: Senior practitioner in the blockchain financial industry with extensive experience in investment risk assessment. Prior to establish Baer Berlin,he served as a senior foundation executive with extensive experience working with international financial institutions and regulators.
Team Profile:
Baer Berlin is a professional personal wealth management team from Germany. We provide comprehensive and accurate planning for our clients in the increasingly complex wealth management and global business opportunities changing environment, to meet the needs of different stages of family financial planning. At present, we are committed to setting up and implementing a comprehensive wealth planning program for high net worth investors and families in Berlin. We will establish a holistic plan based on the actual situation of investors, help regulate investment, provide professional advice, and protect investors and inherit ideas and wealth.
Baer Berlin adheres to a legal and tax structure that is compliant, a clear investment strategy to control investment costs, and to provide better and more stable wealth management and value-added services, and hopes to achieve greater growth in the Baer Chain ecosystem.